Yield Lab 120” x 120” x 80” Reflective Grow Tent (10x10)

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When you've got more plants than you know what to do with, the Yield Lab 120x120x80" Reflective Grow Tent will make sure they get the environment and light they need to flourish. Whether you've got lots of bushy plants that need room to spread out or a number of smaller plants you want to pack together for a massive yield, this warehouse of an indoor grow tent will give you the room your plants need with the convenience you want.

All the Space You Could Ever Need, and Then Some

This massive tent gives you 10 feet of horizontal space and 10 feet of depth. That means you have more than enough room for at least 10-12 mature plants.

This tent also has over 6 feet of height for plenty of room for plants to grow tall without fear of light burn or bleaching.

The Perfect Environment

Inside, your plants are surrounded by mylar walls that give you 100% light reflection from your grow lights. That means your plants receive light not only from your grow lights up top, but from the bottom and all side for 360° of light coverage.

This tent helps maintain airflow with over 10x circular duct ports (10" and 4") for active air intake, air exhaust, and filtration. This tent also has 6x retangular air vents (12"x6") to allow passive airflow in and out of your tent. With ventilation like this, you'll be able to keep humidity and tempertures where they need to be for high quality harvests.

Total Protection

Not only is the button-connected frame simple to assemble, each heavy duty steel pole can hold up to 110lb. You'll be able to use all the grow lights, fans, and filters you'll utilize for such a massive grow without worrying they'll come crashing down onto your plants.

The Heavy duty 210D Oxford Cloth cover is tear proof and helps keep your grow room's temperature insulated. With the heavy duty zippers and stitching, this cover helps prevent light leaks into your grow room.

Each dual ventilated duct port has a drawstring that keep air from entering or escaping your growing area. Velcro also lines passive air vents to assure unwanted temperature fluctuations don't happen when lights are off.

When things get a little wet, the waterproof floor tray prevents any water from leaking out of your tent and endangering your equipment.

Convenience and Safety

Each tent offers you 4 huge doors to enter through, making maintenance and plant upkeep a breeze.

Because don't want to open your tent too often and compromise your plant's environment, this tent is also outfitted with viewing windows so you can check in on your plants without even having to open door. In fact, with the built on tool pouch inside, you don't even need to search through your grow room for scissors, some glasses, or a pesticide to get rid of unwated pests.

Key Features:

  • Huge growing area, large enough for over 12 mature plants in 5-7 gallon buckets. In smaller 3 gallon pots, you can almost double the amount of plants you can fit in there!
  • 18 air vents: 2x circular 10" duct ports 4x circular 8” duct ports ; 4x circular 4" duct ports; and 4 x rectangular air vents measuring 19” x 7”, all to assure proper airflow throughout your garden.
  • The 210D Heavy Duty Oxford Cloth cover is tear-proof to prevent light and air leaks, and thick enough to keep your grow room insulated.
  • The 100% Reflective Mylar walls, ceiling, and floor tray give your plant 360° of light coverage.
  • The front viewing windows (12"x12") allow you to check in on your plants without compromising their environment.


  • Size: 120"(L)x 120"(W) x 80"(H)
  • Exterior Material: Heavy duty 210D oxford cloth
  • Weight Capacity: 176 lbs.
  • Inner Lining Material: 100% highly reflective waterproof mylar
  • Frame Material: Sturdy metal rods with connectors
  • Vents: 6" and 4" circular duct ports,
  • Floor: Double waterproof floor with Velcro for extra protection
  • Recommended Lights:600w and 1000w HPS+MH Grow Lights (Single and Double Ended), 630w CMH Grow Lights, and 700w+ LED Grow Lights

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
G Clay
Mother Nature in a 10X10 Grow Tent

I bought this 10x10 grow tent for my fiance for Christmas who had given up on outside vegetable gardening because of the bugs, squirrels, deer, birds, full sun issues and constant watering. In the 10x10 space she becomes mother nature with no deer, no squirrels, no bugs, no birds, no harsh pesticides. She controls the sun, water, air, temperature, humidity and the use of self-watering wicking tubs.

The Grow Tent was an excellent bargain at the price I paid. I didn't know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised at the quality of material and zippers. I would recommend it to others. The box was beat up in shipping but the tent was so well packed in 2 boxes it didn't matter. Everything was in perfect working order.

Mike Taylor
Grow tent 10’ by 10’

Great service
Orders are taking longer with shipping as we all know right now
They were big help to my order
Got here and good product for great price 👍

Mitch Bird

Excellent materials high and build quality well thought out works as advertised

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