Yield Lab 120” x 60” x 80” Reflective Grow Tent (10x5)

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Got lots of plants but not a lot of room to house them? The Yield Lab 120x60x80" Reflective Grow Tent can house your plants in a space that won't take up an entire basement or garage. Why take up more space in your home than needed? With this tent you'll be able to grow tons of plants, harvest huge yields, and still have room around your tent to still utilize the space of any area in your home.

Large Growing Area in a Slim Design

This tent measures 10 feet from side to size and 5 feet from front to back. While other tents give you a perfect 10x10ft that can take up space, its 5ft. depth lets you grow up to 10 bushy plants without taking up the entirety of a room. In fact, if you used 2x of these tents in the space you'd use a 10x10ft, you can get perpetual harvests via separate flowering and vegging rooms (try doing that in a larger tent without light leaks).

To prevent light bleaching and burning, this tent is over 6 feet tall. That gives plants plenty of room to grow tall without getting too close to lights.

The Perfect Environment

The walls, ceiling, and floor tray in this grow tent are lined with 100% reflective mylar material. Whenever you turn on your grow lights, the light hits the mylar and bounces onto your plants, giving them 360° light coverage. The hammered design of the material doesn't result in hotspot of light light other tents, which can damage plants.

To keep your growing environment at peak environmental levels, this tent is outfitted with 10x circular duct ports (8" and 4") for active air intake, air exhaust, and filtration. This tent also has 4x retangular air vents (19"x7") to let air natually flow in and out of your tent. With that kind of ventilation, maintaining optimum tempertures and humidity levels is easier than ever.

Total Protection

Every pole on this frame is made of heavy duty steel that holds up to 110lbs each. Each pole and connector securely connects together to hold the grow lights, carbon filters, and fans you need for big yields safely over your grow.

Its 210D Oxford Cloth cover is tear proof, waterproof, and designed to keep your garden insulated. Coupled with heavy duty zippers and quality stitching, this cover helps keep your grow room's environment stable whether your lights are on or off.

All duct ports have drawstrings that help close unused ports so air, temperatures, and humidty don't escape. For added protection each duct port, air vent port, and viewing window has Velcro covers to prevent unwanted temperature fluctuations or light leaks.

When things get a little wet, the waterproof floor tray prevents any water from leaking out of your tent and endangering your equipment.

Convenience Like No Other

Opening your tent all the time to check on your plants can will compromise your plant's environment and even invite unwanted pests into your grow. That's why has 2x viewing windows to check in on your plants without compromisng your yield.

When it's time to check in your plants, just open any (or all) of the 4x huge doors on this tent to access any part of your grow. Unlike other tents that make you walk through your plants, this tent allows you to work on your plants from virtually any angle. That means you don't have to potentially harm your plants by walking through them.

The built-on tool pouch is not only convenient for your rools, it's safe for your plants, too. You can leave essential tools in the pouch so don't need to bring any outside (possibly contaminated) tools into your grow to cut dying leaves or take clones from your plant.

Key features:

  • Big growing area in a slim design that can fit up to 10 mature plants.
  • 14 air vents; 6x circular 8” duct ports ; 4x circular 4" duct ports; and 4x rectangular air vents measuring 19” x 7”, all to assure proper airflow throughout your garden.
  • The tear-proof, waterproof 210D Heavy Duty Oxford Cloth cover is tough enough to prevent light leaks, air leaks, and keeps your grow room insulated.
  • Total 100% Reflective Mylar lining inside for 360° of light coverage.
  • 2x front viewing windows (12"x12") allow you to check on your plants without letting pests in or fresh air out.


  • Size: 120"(L)x 60"(W) x 80"(H)
  • Exterior Material: Heavy duty 210D oxford cloth
  • Weight Capacity: 176 lbs.
  • Inner Lining Material: 100% highly reflective waterproof mylar
  • Frame Material: Sturdy metal rods with connectors
  • Vents: 8" and 4" circular duct ports, 19" x 7" retangular airflow vents
  • Floor: Double waterproof floor with Velcro for extra protection
  • Recommended Lights:600w and 1000w HPS+MH Grow Lights (Single and Double Ended), 630w CMH Grow Lights, and 700w+ LED Grow Lights

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Chad Ogden

Yield Lab 120” x 60” x 80” Reflective Grow Tent

anonymous anonymous

Amazing. I’m so glad I finally found a tent that was a good price and the quality I was looking for. I recommended to my friends already.

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