Yield Lab 24” x 24” x 48” Reflective Grow Tent (2x2)

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Discretion is the name of the game with the Yield Lab 24x24x48" Reflective Grow Tent. At 2ft. wide, 2ft. deep, and 4 ft. tall, you can tuck this tent away in nearly any closet or corner and grow your favorite plant from seed to harvest. From herbs to flowers to fruiting plants and buds, this tent can grow your favorite plant and take up less space than your dresser.

The Perfect Amount of Space for Your Plant

Don't let the size fool you. This grow tent is 2ft. wide and 2ft. deep to give your plants 2sq.ft. of room to grow, which is the recommended size for plants growing in 3-5gal pots. This tent also sits 4ft. high. That's enough room to keep 12-20" of space between your plant and the light during growth to avoid light bleaching, which leads to underwhelming yields.

So Discreet You May Forget It's There

Growers in apartments or with limited space love this grow tent. Most tents stand over 5ft fall and 3ft wide and stick out in a room. This 2x2x4ft. tent is slimmer and shorter than most, and takes up as much space as a dresser drawer- you might just look right over it.

It's small size also works to its advantage in terms of odors. When you use a duct fan and carbon filter to scrub the odors in this tent grow tent, your grow tent won't be nearly the distraction other grow tents will be. That's great for yourself, your guests, and most importantly, your plants.

Small but Efficient

The inside of this grow tent is lined 100% reflective mylar material to give your plants 360° light coverage. Because of its size, the reflection from your walls is many times more intense than it is with larger tents, giving your plant maximum amounts of light.

The 210D Oxford Cloth cover is tear proof woven to keep your grow room insulated. Seven airflow ports also help keep temperatures and humidity levels via passive and active airflow. Each double-sock duct port has drawstrings and a Velcro cover to prevent further air and environment leaks while growing.

Total Protection

Each pole on this heavy duty steel frame can hold 110lbs, making sure it can withstand the weight of grow lights and filters. The tear-proof outer cover uses heavy duty zippers and high quality sticking to help prevent light leaks while you grow. The reflective flood tray, on the other hand, protects water from leaking out of your tent when moisture build up occurs.

BONUS Viewing Window and Tool Pouch

This tent is fitted with a 12"x12" viewing window so you don't constantly open the door to check on them and bring in unwanted pests. Not to mention, opening the door of this tent will throw off its environment quickly, which compromises the growth and yield of your pant.

When it's time to do some work in there, though, the handy tool pouch will be ready with a few of your tools. That way you don't have to waste time looking for tools or pesticides, or risk bringing in contaminated supplies into your garden.

Key features:

  • Small, efficient growing space capable of growing a single plant from seed to harvest.
  • 7 air vents; 4x circular 6” duct ports ; 1x circular 4" duct ports; and 2x rectangular air vents measuring 12” x 6”, all to assure proper airflow throughout your garden.
  • The 210D Heavy Duty Oxford Cloth cover is waterproof, tear-proof, and keeps your grow room insulated.
  • The inside is lined with 100% Reflective Mylar for 360° of light coverage.
  • 1x front viewing window (12"x12") allows you to view your plants without letting pests in or fresh air out.


  • Size: 24"(L)x 24"(W) x 48"(H)
  • Exterior Material: Heavy duty 210D oxford cloth
  • Weight Capacity: 176 lbs.
  • Inner Lining Material: 100% highly reflective waterproof mylar
  • Frame Material: Sturdy metal rods with connectors
  • Vents: 6" and 4" circular duct ports, 12" x 6" rectangular airflow vents
  • Floor: Double waterproof floor with Velcro for extra protection
  • Recommended Lights:400w HPS+MH Grow Lights, T5 Grow Lights, 315w CMH Grow Lights, and 50w-270w LED Grow Lights

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lon Henderson
Jump start

Got it set up and plan to use it for starting seeds. I have a t-5 light that fits perfectly in the tent and I’m looking forward to a great start. The weather has been cool the past couple of months but with the size of the tent I should be able to grow the plants for more than 30 days if needed.

Stekev patmen
First time grower

Perfect tent for a beginner. Thought it was going to be taller but it’s working out great. You need other things like a humidifier that will help raise humidity etc. but all in all 5 out of 5 for me 💫

Evita Ramotar

Reliable and trustworthy delivery. The tent could have been taller.

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