Yield Lab 40W Full Spectrum 4 Foot 2 Bulb LED Grow Light Bar with Stand

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Engineered to provide full spectrum grow whilst maintaining a low profile and easy to use setup, the Yield Lab 40W Full Spectrum 4 Foot 2 Bulb LED Grow Light Bar with Stand is ideal for the avid grower looking for more in their at home garden.

LED grow lights are best known for their ease of use and color spectrum versatility. Featuring a crisp full spectrum white light, this kit is able to use a variety of different wavelengths including white, red, orange and blue. The result, is a grow light system that can be used during every step of your plants growth cycle.

When it comes to growing in a greenhouse or indoor setting, one of the main concerns is energy consumption. It goes without saying that beginning a grow for some can become a constant juggle of high energy costs, household breaker issues, and even putting your grow at risk. Unlike hefty HML lights or high intensity LEDs, this light kit pulls a minimal 20 watts of power. That means you can avoid heat stress and plant burn while lowering energy consumption, allowing an optimized grow with none of the headache.

When it comes to growing indoors, space is always a concern and limited resource. Meticulous measurements and sometimes area layouts are necessary to optimize your yields and provide easy access to your plants. This light kit makes this process easy with a low profile stand that is sure to fit into not only your grow room, but even living spaces. Featuring a compact measurement of 50in x 20in x 34 in, you can take the headache of mapping your grow room.

The best part is that installation is quick and easy:

  • Remove the bars of the hanging rack, and loosen the screws just enough to see 3-4 threads on each screw
  • Align one of the base bars with its leg bar, with the screws facing in
  • Slip the connecting plate in to place around the screws, mount, and fasten the screws down
  • Repeat the same with the other leg
  • Align the hanging bar with one of the legs, slip the mounting corner-piece in to position between the two bars (the flat end facing forward), and repeat with the other leg on the opposite end
  • Take one of the rope ratchet clips and attach it to the corresponding opening of the light reflector; repeat on the opposite end
  • Raise the grow light with the center rope, then lock the light in to the height you want by sliding the black hook up to the mounting bar and pulling down gently on the locking tab

So, whether you need an extra supplemental light for your grow room, or you are beginning a small home garden, the Yield Lab 40W Full Spectrum 4 Foot 2 Bulb LED Grow Light Bar with Stand is sure your indoor grow!


Ideal Light Footprint: 3ft x 4ft

Diode Count: 120

Wattage: 20w

Expected Lifespan: 40,000 hours

LED Light Dimensions: 4ft x 5.5” x 3.5”

Stand Dimensions: 50in x 20in x 34in

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Johan Edstrom

They are bright!

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