Yield Lab 24w T5 Fluorescent Bloom Light Bulbs (2700k), 5 Pack

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Tired of frying your vegging plants and you just can’t seem to get those flowering plants to bloom? With these 24w T5 Fluorescent Bloom Light Bulbs you’ll give your plants the light spectrum flowers and fruiting plants love.

Unlike other forms of grow light, T5’s are meant to give your plants a light that’s strong enough to grow but soft enough to not damage your plants. You can move 2700k T5 lights as close to your plants as you need without fear of heat stress or bleaching, which is important with ornamental flowers.

The warm red/orange spectrum these bulbs give off are just what your plants need when they need to stop growing and start blooming. Its light stimulates bud production and the blooming of flowers in fruiting plants. Whether you’re growing flowers that need to pop or you’re filling in gaps of light your primary light just can’t reach, you want Yield Lab’s 24w T5 Fluorescent Bloom Light Bulbs in your garden.

Installation and use couldn’t be easier:

  • Carefully unpackage each bulb you wish to use with gloved hands (the oils of your hands may affect the use of these bulbs)
  • Align the bulb in to the reflector
  • When the plugs are aligned in the socket, gently turn the bulb until it clicks in to place
  • Repeat with the desired amount of bulbs, and you’re growing in no time

Made for compatibility with a variety of T5 grow light fluorescent reflectors industry wide, get your flowers and fruit blooming with Yield Lab 24w T5 Fluorescent Bloom Light Bulbs (2700k) today!

Product Features:

  • 2700k Warm Red/Orange Spectrum is perfect for flowers, ornamental flowers, and fruiting plants
  • Each bulb offers 54w of power, giving you a total of 270w’s when used together- even more if you use 5+ bulb fixtures!
  • Low heat emission allows you to hang these lights close to you plants
  • Its soft lighting allows you to hang these lights close to your plants without bleaching your leaves
  • Perfect for supplemental lighting
  • Note: To grow sufficiently with only 24w T5 bulbs, growers will need to use at least 2-4 bulbs over their plants

Package Includes:

  • 5x Yield Lab 24w T5 Fluorescent Bloom Light Bulbs (2700k) (22.25in. (L) x .62in [5/8”] (W) )

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