Yield Lab 4” Booster In-Line Duct Fan

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Does your grow tent or grow room need an extra boost of airflow? When your standard duct fans just aren’t enough to move air throughout your grow, the Yield Lab 4” Booster In-Line Duct Fan is exactly what you need to push stale air, dust, and odors outside or in to a filter. A booster fan is great when you have more ducting than your duct fans can fill with air, giving your entire grow the air it needs to grow strong. The best part: with one plug you’ll give your air ventilation a 120CFM (cubic feet per minute) boost of air.

There’s no advanced experienced needed to use these fans- it’s pretty simple. Start by compressing your ducting as close as it can get to the vent of the duct fan. While running, start moving backward around the path where your ducting will run and feel how hard the air is blowing. Locate where your airflow starts to drop off and note the spot on the ducting. Cut the ducting where the air begins to fall off and attach it to the back of the in-line booster fan (Note: the arrow on the duct fan should be pointing forward in the direction of air flow). Attach the remaining portion of your ducting to the front of the booster fan, clamp both ends to hold the ducting in place, and finish lining your ducting.

With a 120 CFM reach these fans are perfect for smaller gardens, such as grow tents up to 48x48x78” grow tents and grow rooms of about 5x5x5ft. These fans are reliable, strong, provide excellent performance when running, and can take some serious heat. Whether you’re using T5’s, L.E.D.’s, or HID grow lights (HPS and MH)these fans will run without a problem. So when you see your plants aren’t moving as much as you need them or the odor in your garden just won’t leave, it’s time for you to give your ventilation a boost of power with the Yield Lab 4” Booster In-Line Duct Fan.

Boost of Coverage Area: 120 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)
Power Draw: 37W
Amperage: 0.64A
Maximum temperature: 142F
Compatible with 4” aluminum ducting

**Please note this booster fan in now made out of plastic to ensure durable long-lasting and continuous operation. , the outside of the item steel.

These fans may also be used with a fan speed controller to control the power of this booster fan.

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Thomas Wilson
Good fan

Very happy


Works just right for a 6 x 8 room

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