Yield Lab 4 Outlet 120v/240v Grow Light Relay Controller

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Tired of tripping the breaker on your wall outlets? If you’ve got lots of plants to grow but your house or growing space may not be able to handle all of the lights you need to grow them, the Yield Lab 4 Outlet Grow Light Relay Controller is what you need for safe, consistent running grow lights.

This light relay controller will allow you to run 4x grow light ballasts at once: 400w, 600w, and 1000w dimmable and non-dimmable; single mogul and dual-ended lights, too. Most homes and growing spaces do not have the ability to use 120v and 240v outlets (usually it’s one or the other), but with this grow light relay you can use both with no problem. Better, you can use a combination of lights without fear of tripping a breaker: you can have 3x 240v single ended grow lights and 1x 120v double ended lights; 2x 240v’s and 2x 120v’s; 2x 1000w’s with 1x 600w and 1x 400w- the possibilities are endless! And they’re all yours with this controller.

Don’t worry, because even though this controller does not have a built in timer, you can still connect your favorite timer to the controller’s main plug and time your lights to turn on and shut off when you need them.

So if you’re looking for a new way to control all of your grow lights but you just don’t have the wall outlets to do them (and that surge protector isn’t doing much) put the Yield Lab 4 Outlet Grow Light Relay Controller in your grow room and feel the power

Product Features:

  • Compatible with 1000w, 600w, and 400w HID grow lights
  • Can be used with 120v and 240v grow light plugs, and single & double ended reflectors
  • Compatible with LED and T5 grow lights
  • 4x Universal Outlet Unit
  • NOTE: This unit can only be used with a 30A, 2-pole circuit breaker and #10 AWG wire to provide the main power

Product Specs:

  • Main Power Voltage: 120v OR 240v
  • Receptable Type: 4 Universal Outlets
  • Max Lighting Wattage: 4000w total/ 1000w per unit
  • Max Relay Amperage: 30A
  • Trigger Cable Voltage: 120v
  • Operating Temperature Range: 32-110°F
  • Operating Humidity Range: 0-99% RH Noncondensing
  • Minimum Relay Operations: 100,000 @ Full Load
  • Size: 10.5in. (L) x 8.75in. (W) x 3.25in. (H)

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