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Duct fans need to move air through an entire grow room or grow tent. But what if that fan’s not strong enough to carry all of that stale air through your ducting and out of your grow space? That’s where the Yield Lab 6” Booster In-Line Duct Fan comes in handy. When your ducting is farther than your duct fans can blow, just install one of these in-line duct fans to help push that air out of your grow. All you do is install this fan and your air flow will receive a 250 CFM boost of coverage.

Installation is a breeze. First, begin by finding the sweet-spot along your ducting where air can be pushed (Note: this is NOT where the air can no longer be felt, but where the air starts to drop off). Cut a slit in your ducting and mount both pieces of ducting to either side of the duct fan, making sure the fan is pointed in the direction of air movement. Once those pieces are connected, plug your inline duct fan, and in seconds you’ll be moving air around your ducting safely and efficiently.

In general, Duct booster fans increase airflow in hard-to-ventilate rooms, like co-op’s, large grow rooms, warehouses, and anywhere your duct fans just can’t reach on their own. They are durable, quiet, easy to install, and fit into 6” metal or flex ducts. Their strong motors, excellent performance, and higher temperature ratings set these booster fans apart from other duct fans around. Rated for both heated and cooled air, and perfect for outdoor and indoor use, the Yield Lab 6” Booster In-Line Duct Fan is what you need to carry your air with a boost of coverage.

Boost of Coverage Area: 250 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)
Power Draw: 37W
Amperage: 0.64A
Maximum temperature: 142F
Compatible with 6” air ducting
**Please note this booster fan in now made out of plastic, the outside of the item is still metal.

These fans may also be used with a fan speed controller to control the power of this booster fan.

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Jason Brazeau

Great little fan. And as always good prices.

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