Yield Lab 6 Inch Pro Series Fan with Speed Controller- 390 CFM

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When you’re looking for a powerful duct fan but can’t stand all that noise of other 6” fans, the Yield Lab 6 Inch 390 CFM Pro Series Fan with Speed Controller is just what you need. Not only does this fan run significantly quieter than other grow room duct fans its size, it’s also got a built-in speed controller so you can choose how fast you need that fan to run. Whether you need a light breeze for smaller plants or a strong breeze to help eliminate odors, you’ll find what you need in this fan.

The Swiss Army Fan Your Plants Need

There’s virtually nothing the Yield Lab Pro Series fan can’t do. In one fan, you can control odor, heat, humidity, and overall airflow.

If you’re in need of fresh air, just position the fan in one direction and this fan will pull air in from the fresh source of your choosing. When you need to get rid of odors, stale air, and humidity just position the fan in the opposite direction and you’ll be able to filter out that air and moisture in no time. In grow rooms that need a boost of airflow, this fan will be able to keep air moving as fast and as powerful as you need it to (unlike other booster fans that fall short of real power). Whatever you need this fan to do it will, from regulating temperatures and humidity to simply help circulate air throughout your grow.

Installation and use couldn’t be simpler

To begin, turn the knob to the “Off” setting, ensuring the motor is off before you plug the fan into an outlet. Once assure it’s off, plug the fan into the 110v outlet of your choosing.

To direct airflow, position the red fan blades in the direction you want air to travel.

For bringing fresh air into your garden, position the fan blades toward your plants.

For filtering air out of your garden, position the fan blades away from your garden and connect it in to a charcoal filter and/or into the air outside of your garden via ducting.

To boost the airflow along a length of ducting, connect each end of the fan to ducting and position the fan’s blades in the direction you want the air to flow in

Product Specifications

  • Airflow Rate: 390 CFM (cubic feet per minute)
  • Voltage: 110/120v
  • Power: 70w
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Speed: 2400r/min
  • Current: 0.58A

Customer Reviews

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Hamilton Chipongian
Awesome Fan!

Awesome Fan! Perfect combo with my Atreum Lighting HYDRA-3200.

Renaldo Hammett

This is a top shelf exhaust fan

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