Yield Lab Complete 54w T5 Eight Bulb Fluorescent Grow Light Panel (6400K)

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Got an entire flood tray of clones you need to grow? Need to cover lots of leafy greens and herbs without heat burn or light bleaching? Then you’re going to need the Yield Lab Complete 54w T5 Eight Bulb Fluorescent Grow Light Panel (6400K) for your low intensity growing needs.

Unlike high intensity discharge bulbs like HPS and MH lights, T5 fluorescents are made to keep intense heat to an absolute minimum. But don’t let that scare you, because each of the bulbs in these grow lights packs 54w’s of cool blue spectrum, which is what vegging plants, clones, and non-fruiting plants love most.

With its multi-angle reflective design, these light reflectors give you a wider coverage area than other T5’s around. You’ll be able to cover a few rows of plants or a table of clones with all the power you need. If you’re running an LED or HID garden and there are gaps in light during your garden’s vegging stage, just hang this light anywhere you need to fill in lights (on top, below, or on the side of your garden) and in seconds you’re giving your plants every bit of the blue spectrum they need.

Installation and use are far easier than HPS and MH grow lights:

  • Remove your grow light reflector panel from the box, and clean the reflective face of the reflector and lamp sockets of any dust or debris
  • Remove a single bulb carefully from its packaging and align each end with the sockets on each side of the reflector
  • Insert the bulb so that it easily slides in to place
  • Carefully twist the bulb 90° until you hear the bulb click and lock in to place
  • Do the same to the rest of your T5 bulbs, assuring that each bulb in same direction as the first
  • Once the bulbs are aligned and installed, carefully turn the light fixture over to get the cables ready for hanging
  • Using rope ratchet hangers (or any strong hangers you prefer), loop the loops of cable on each side of the light to each hanger, adjust the light to your desired height, and
  • Flip the switches on the grow light reflector and you’re ready to grow!

So whether you’re looking for a low-cost way to get your clones and greens through their vegetative stage, or you’re looking for an extra bit of vegetative spectrum in your garden, the Yield Lab Complete 54w T5 Eight Bulb Fluorescent Grow Light Panel (6400K) is what you need. Hang it as close to your plants as you need for intensity, or far enough to cover a larger area. With this T5 grow light panel you’ll get twice the power you will out of a 4x bulb setup with twice the intensity!

Package Includes:

  • 1x Yield Lab 4ft. Eight Bulb T5 Fluorescent Grow Panel Light Reflector ( 4ft (L) x 24in. (W) x 3in (H) )
  • 8x Yield Lab 4ft. T5 6400k (Grow) Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs ( 4ft (L) x 5/8in. (D) )

Customer Reviews

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anonymous anonymous

Very nice product

Jason Brazeau

Great light for vegging. I also use for my spring vegetables to start.

Jill Hyman

Love the T5! GREAT veg light, economical, durable, bulb replacements are affordable, multiple bulb choices. I can't rave about these lights enough. I've been through metal halide, other flourescents, led's, and I keep coming back to T5s! 6400 all the way!

James Misoff

Good price Made well Could use better bulbs

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