Yield Lab Double Ended 1000w MH Grow Light Bulb

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Double ended bulbs are known to be brighter and more efficient than standard MH bulbs, and our Yield Lab 1000 watt grow light bulbs don't disappoint. Unlike standard MH bulbs, our double ended bulbs are powered from both ends for even firing and operation, givng these bulbs a longer lifespan than standard bulbs and a stronger output, too. The best part- double ended bulbs have more light output without more power than conventional bulbs. With a much higher and stronger blue spectrum output, your vegging growth will increase. If you're looking to grow bigger, stronger, and more efficiently you want a double ended bulb. For your double ended bulb needs, Yield Lab's got you covered.

Warranty: 1 Year

Power: 1000 watts (High efficiency)
Expected Life Span: 10,000+ hours
Lumen: 85,200 lumens
Color Temperature: 6,000K
Best choice for Vegetative Growth
Higher output, high luminescence efficiency
Fit for all 600 watt Double Ended grow light systems
Pass UL and CE

Customer Reviews

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Taz Tactical

I can easily veg my whole 4x8 tent with explosive results. I also use this bulb to finish for the last week. It helps soo much for terp production. DE bulbs are just amazing. I love the 600 watt DE MH too!

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