Yield Lab Duct Fan Motor Speed Controller

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Yield Lab Duct Fan Speed Controller features a quick and easy to use adjustable dial that gives you full control from 0 to full RPM.120V Motor Speed Controller. Easily control the speed of fans, pumps, routers and most other AC/DC Brush-Type motors, 15 AMPS or less. Order this fan speed controller for your hydroponics garden!

Customer Reviews

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anonymous anonymous

Great Product, does the same work as other speed controllers but for half the price. Very Pleased.

anonymous anonymous

not able to use with purchased fan, voltage to low for fan to operate. Should have reserched more.

Jim B

I like how this speed controller allows me to control my ventilation fans. This allows me to increase or decrease my fans rpm and tone down noise when I need to.

Isabel White

I'm using a 6"" duct fan for my indoor grow tent and it was really loud until I bought this. This controller allowed the motor to slow down but still offered significant airflow minus the loud noise! Great value and it gets the job done.

Brian Gonzales

GrowAce has become my go to accessories shop for my grow after a great experience with their light fixtures. This item comes with the same durable and solid simple design and it works for what it is intended for. I'm at a point where I'm close to ditching this tent setup I bought and just get the rest from GroAce.com. This is the place to be!

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