Yield Lab Fabric 7 Gallon Growing Pots- 5 Pack

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Yield Lab Fabric 7 Gallon Growing Pots are what your soil garden needs when those plastic or clay growing pots you’re used to just aren’t doing the job any more. This 5 pack of fabric pots can use soil or coco coir to grow anything you need, both indoor and outdoor.

Fabric pots allow for comfortable root growth while also allowing your roots to air-prune themselves. Air pruning is when roots are exposed to oxygen, dry out, and die, which forces your roots to grow more shoots. More roots means more plant growth, and unlike other grow pots that only have holes at the bottom for drainage, these fabric pots allows your roots to freely travel through soil and poke out of any part of the fabric.

These pots are made of heavy-duty fabric that, unlike other fabric pots or PVC grow bags, won’t easily tear. This is useful because water and nutrients will create build up calcium and salt around the pot, which usually weakens the integrity of the pot. But these growing bags are meant to take lots of moisture, and stand tough against the work you’re going to need them to do.

No installation or complicated set up necessary: simply unpackage the fabric pots you need, fold them out, fill them with your desired medium, and you’re ready to grow! You can use them right away outdoors, you can put a drainage tray underneath for indoor growing (to keep all that excess water from getting all over the floor), or you can use them with your favorite buckets to create the ultimate feeding environment for your grow.

With regular growing pots you run the risk of root binding, which is when your roots don’t have room to grow and they begin to bind themselves in a circle around the pot. Not only do you get protection from that, but with the 5 pack of Yield Lab 7 Gallon Fabric Growing Pots you’re guaranteed not only better plant growth, but healthier plant growth.

Product Features:

  • Gallon Size: 7 Gallon
  • These size bags are great for indoor plants, outdoor flowers, and growing flowers. Also great to use and grow clones up to their pre-flower stage
  • Tough, durable fabric handles allow you to easily move plants from one area to another
  • Simple to clean and easy to use
  • Comes with 5x Fabric Growing Pots

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Getting the right grow bags

Definitely enjoy using the fabric pots the only thing that I would consider would be choosing the best quality fabric pots and truly 👌love the fabric pots that have a liner inside of the fabric pots to make sure that enough moisture is caught in the pit and equal amount of moisture is kept from top to bottom this is truly the only thing that I would change in theses grow pots and yes they do make em and 100% love using them

jameshughes hughes



I ordered a 5-pack of these. I had been using 5 gal. plastic pots. They always become potbound and roots run around the bottom of the pots like the Indy 500, around & around. I spotted these and gave 'em a try. They actually sit lower and have almost an identical footprint of 5 - gal.plastic pots, giving plenty of room for limited spaces. They are durable w/easy to move handle grips. I ""highly"" recommend these bags. I missed a flash sale on 'em...rats! but, the price is low anyway. TIP: I would get some 16""-17"" heavy duty clear plastic plant saucers. 14"" are a bit too small for these, and you need the sturdy ones. 7 - gal. of soil is heavy! That's if you use soil...see ya!

Troy Blancher

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