Yield Lab Garden Cloche Dome - 5 Pack

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The perfect propagation dome has been crafted using thick see-through material, which lets you protect and store young plants. The cloche dome has a pleasing appearance, and you can create your mini-greenhouse while keeping the plant safe against pests and weather. A multi-purpose functioning cloche can be used for germinating seeds and creating clones.

  • Proper Ventilation: The cloche has a perfect design consisting of vents and lets air pass through it properly while also maintaining the humidity level. It also avoids excessive heat from getting trapped in.

  • Track the Progress: As the cloche has been constructed using a see-through material, you can track the plant's progress and growth without really disturbing it by removing the cloche dome.

  • Protection against Weather and Pests: Your young grow to get the care they deserve with the cloche as it keeps the young grow safe against pests and the weather while creating a naturally humid environment for itself.

  • Heavy Duty and Reliable: The cloche dome is sturdy, durable, and can be reused. It is ideal for cloning, germinating seeds, herbs, seeds, and growing microgreens.

Showcase your healthy and gorgeous grows through the transparent domes. The cloches have been properly ventilated to create a perfect breathable surrounding for the plants. The ventilation points have been placed so that they let insufficient air inside and maintain the fixture's humidity levels.

The cloches' primary purpose is agriculture, and it can be used for multi-purposes- germinating seeds, creating clones, and sprouting the leaves. The cloche dome helps to keep the soil warm during spring.

The best part about the dome is that these can be placed indoors as well as outdoors. The plant stays safe against external factors like heat, cold, pests, and humidity in both locations. The dome creates its surroundings for the plant as it comes with vents that let inside the right amount of air and heat and maintain humidity.

The maintenance and care of the fixture are easy. You need to be a little delicate with the dome to avoid any scratches and damage to the appearance. A clean cloth would be best for cleaning the surface of the dome. You can also use the cloche dome by Yield Lab as an alternative for row covers.

Due to the dome's transparency, you can constantly track the progress and growth of the plantations. You can completely trust the reliability of the fixture as it is heavy-duty and sturdy. The cloche dome is ideal for clones, germination of seeds, and promoting the growth of microgreens.



  • Sizes: 8 or 10 inch

  • Pack of 5

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