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When we hear that HPS grow lights offer the same spectrums as the sun, what we’re not told is that plants will absorb most of that light and reflect an orange hue that makes it hard to inspect plants. Without the ability to inspect plants you open your garden up to infection and pest infestation. Thanks to Yield Lab HPS Grow Room Safety Glasses you’ll be able to view your plants in true color while your HPS lights are running

Why do you need polarized glasses in your grow room?

Plants absorb wavelengths that help them grow and reflect wavelengths that don’t. That’s why when your HPS lights are on there’s an orange hue given off: they’re reflecting the orange wavelength it’s not absorbing. That wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if it helped you view your plants. Unfortunately, HPS grow lights will make it a little hard to see your plants in true color.

When you can’t see true colors in your garden is that it makes it hard to identify illnesses, diseases, and pest infestations. The lenses of these glasses are designed to cut through that orange wavelength and even out your light so you can see your plants in real color, with all the hues you’re used to seeing with MH lights.

How will these glasses help you and your garden?

Not only will these glasses help ease the stress HPS lights can put on your eyes, but they’ll also protect your eyes against dangerous wavelengths. UVA, UVB, and infrared wavelengths are vital to plant growth, but are harmful to our eyes if left unchecked, especially in the grow room. But with these you won’t have to worry about harming your eyes while working with your plants.

The only way to properly identify new growth, diseases, or pests is to inspect your plants in true light or by using an MH light to see true color. That means you either have to remove your plants from their grow room to look at them in true light (which can lead to pest infestation) or risk shocking them with wavelengths it’s not use to, which can lead to stagnant growth.

No matter if you’re looking for illness, pests, new growth, or you simply want to get a good look at your plant, with a pair of Yield Lab HPS Grow Room Safety Glasses you control what your eyes see, not orange.

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Good quality and price

Zachary edwards

I ordered these for my wife. She loves them. She uses them every time she goes into one of our rooms.

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