Yield Lab In-Wall Duct Fan Motor Speed Controller

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If you’re looking for a duct fan controller without having to mount a clunky box somewhere around your grow, the Yield Lab In-Wall Fan Motor Speed Controller. With this controller you’ll be able to raise and lower the power of your 4-12” duct fans or inline duct fans’ motor- all with the twist of a knob.

Most fan controllers are clunky and tend to get in the way of your walking room. Traditional fan motor controllers are attached to a long cord, have a clunky dialing box in the center, and have an output on the other side you connect in to your fans. While those are great for larger grows, smaller gardens (such as tent and home grows) don’t need that much length, which means you have to somehow bundle the excess cord and mount the box somewhere.

Not with this in-wall controller. Installation is and use is a breeze:

  • You simply start by plugging this pint-sized box in to your wall or power outlet
  • Turn the dial until it clicks “Off”
  • Plug your fan in to the fan’s power outlet
  • Once your controller and fan are connect, turn the clockwise to click it “On”
  • Turn the dial to your desired setting: Low (50% of the motor’s power), Medium (75% of the motor’s power) or High (100% of the motor’s power)

Unlike other wall fan controllers that require you to rip the cord out of the wall to stop the fan, this controller allows you to turn the fan all the way off, unplug the fan, then unplug the controller to make sure you don’t blow a breaker or short your fan’s motor.

The Yield Lab In-Wall Fan Motor Speed Controller doesn’t just work with fans. Connect this controller to your hydroponic air pumps to give you as much or as little oxygen to your plant roots. No matter the application, if you’re looking for a controller that will stay out of your way and give you the control you need over your fans, the Yield Lab In-Wall Fan Motor Speed Controller is what you’ve been waiting for.

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I really like the professional way you do business good product good price and delivery. Will use you again. Keep up good work

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