Yield Lab MH 400w Lamp HID Bulb

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The Yield Lab MH 400 lamps provide an ideal spectrum for proper vegetative growth. The bulb emits an intense blue light for fast plant growth.

Warranty: 1 Year

Power: 400 watts (High efficiency)
Expected Life Span: 10,000 hours
Lumen: 36,000 lumens
Color Temperature: 5,500K
Contains blue spectrum which is best for vegetation
High lumen output efficiency
Best choice for propagation
Fit for all standard 400 watt HPS grow light systems
Pass UL and CE

Customer Reviews

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Great product and great company to buy from - grow ace is the best

The Dude Abides
Professional Setup

I’m thrilled with this setup. It’s exactly what I needed for my 48x48x80 tent. I have five plants and about 10 clones under the bulb and they are absolutely green.

Worked like a charm from the get go. Simple setup. I have exhaust fan coming out of the hood and a separate exhaust fan going out another port. This keeps the temp at 70-72 degrees here in May. Perfect. The plants obviously prefer this lamp as opposed to an LED and the energy is actually less. The price is right on the money.

This is a win win deal.

Thanks Grow Ace.

Susan Moll-George
400w lamp HID bulb

Worked well for getting my vegetable seedlings the proper start for my garden.

Yield Lab MH 400w Lamp HID Bulb?

Shipping was great product was easy to install, but pop rivites that hold light housing together came apart after about 1 week of use. Easy to fix plants love this light good for 1-3 cannabis plants. Would definitely recommend.

Gilbert Hernandez
Yield lab mh

So far so good my plants grow thick and dense with amazing vigor thanks to yield lab!!

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