Yield Lab Pro Series 1000W HPS+MH XXL Hood Double Ended Complete Grow Light Kit

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Thomas Wilson
So far I am fairly satisfied

Having a issue with timer however the light works awesome and I have began production

Charles Smallwood

Could not be more satisfied, order delivered within a week.

Marco Formby

I am a first time grower. I bought this 1000 watt grow light because i read that the more light the more growth i would get. This light is super super powerful!!!! If you are not very careful you will sunburn your babies with this light. I sunburned every 2 week old plant i had with this light. It puts out so much UV light without the heat that if you dont carefully watch your plants they will quickly burn from UV rays and not from heat. Fortunately my friend who owns an organic fertilizer company and is familiar with big lights helped me bring them back. Now they are 6 feet tall. The HPS bulb isnt as powerful as the MH bulb. The double ended MH bulb is so advanced in technology that it virtually has very little heat. My plants are budding on the SUPER LUMEN setting and penetrates very deep into my bushy plants. I am looking forward to having to prop up my huge fruits with bamboo because the yield will be so heavy from this light. I would recommend this light to all growers but be very careful with the MH bulb. It must be at least 8-10 feet from your plants small or large in veg! They will sunburn quick!! This light will yield much more than any other 1000 wt light for this price range by far!!! AAA+++


Only giving it 4 stars as when I set it up my plants were 4 weeks old and had been growing under regular 1000 watt light. My leaves all wilted and I thought they were going to die. Two of them morphed to males, the rest did recover but a few grew balls and gave me some pollination. I belive it was the shock of changing lamp. Have started some new ones and raising them under it from the start. 1 week above ground and looking good so far.GROWACE RESPONSE: Thanks for the honest review! Keep in mind that the double ended bulbs are very powerful and have strong UV light (which is excellent for vegging as well as resin growth). If you find that your leaves are wilting, it's likely that you have the light too close to your plants. We highly recommend that you raise the light to avoid any light burn. The kits do come with rope ratchet hangers so it makes raising and lowering of the light very easy. You'll also want to remember to raise the light as your plants mature. IF you have any other concerns or need help/suggestion with your grow, we're here to help. Call our grow experts at 888-621-0062.

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