Yield Lab Twist Ties Roll with Cutter- 164 Ft Pack of 2

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Yield Lab Twist Ties Roll with Cutter (164 Ft) are what you need to train your plants the way you want them. With 164ft of lightweight, flexable wiring, you’ll be training your plants to grow strong to give you the yield you’ve been looking for. Just roll out the length of wire you need, use the cutter to cut it to size, twist around the desired plants, and let your plant do what it does best: grow your yield

Training Your Plants Just Got Easier Than Ever

Training your plants will unlock its full potential. By tying one end of the twist tie to a branch and the other end to the rim of the pot it’s growing in, you’ll expose your plant to more of your grow light. Flowering plants will receive more light to grow more flowering sites, which means more buds than ever.

Moreover, the plant will receive more light to every inch of itself than ever. Without training leaves that sit higher on the plant have the potential to block light from lower leaves. That means those lower leaves need to use lots of energy to grow, adding to uneven light consumption and subsequent energy dispersal throughout the plant. When training your plants, you can give even the lowest hanging branches the same energy those high-hanging ones, giving your plant true complete coverage.

These twist ties also make staking plants that need a little more support a lot easier. Just insert the stake next to your plant, wrap a few lengths of this twist tie around the stake and the branches, and once your plant’s trunk is strong enough to stand on its own, simply clip the twist ties off.

No matter what form of training you’re doing to your plant, Yield Lab Twist Ties Roll with Cutter will get the job done quickly and easily.


Total Length: 164 ft x 2

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Willard Rogers

They look like exactly what I want/need

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