When setting up your fan with filter combination there’s a lot to consider as it requires a setup that can move fresh air, heat and smells out of a grow tent and replace it with fresh, cool air as efficiently as possible. Today we are going to show you several ways to set up your fan filter with air called grow reflector and the best types of setups for various grow tent sizes. Now the first setup is our cost-effective fan & filter setup. This works best with our old lab 2/4/5 feet grow tent to the 5/5/6.5 feet grow tent – smaller size grow tent or one door side grow tent. For the exhaust, the first thing we do is install the cooler and filter then connect the filter and hood with duct tape and pool the duct tape into the other side. Attach the fan to the end of the duck so it exhausts the air from the grow tent out. Then attach a fan to on the inside or outside of the grow tent and apply duct tape on both sides. You want to bring fresh air from outside or another room into the grow tent for fresh air exchange. This setup is great because your exhaust fan is utilized in three ways: helps pool stale air from the grow tent, helps scroll the odors within the grow tent as well as pooling the heat from the grow ball out of the grow tent. With larger two-door grow tent setups like 6.5/6.5/6.5 feet grow tents you need to add an extra fan for efficiency because adding duct tape and putting a bend in that duct tape will cause you air exchange. So for example, if you purchase a 6-inch high output filter with 440 CFM fans the add 4 feet of duct tape and putting an airing degree band in it that will reduce the CF fans to 30- 40%. That is a huge loss in CF fans but adding fans will help solve this problem. The air cool reflector will have its independent exhaust poling cool air from outside of the grow tent through the volt and exhaust it out on the other end. This helps keep the grow tent cooler. This is efficient for larger grow tents because it will maximize the use of your fans as well as maintaining a balanced atmosphere. Consistent temperature and humidity will give you healthier plants. To exhaust the actual room and scrub the smell add an exhaust fan on top of the grow tent and install a filter on the floor or install it up on the roof and connect it with duct tape to the exhaust fan. Then add an intake fan. The larger your level of grow tents don’t have a bottom bed hall so you may need extra duct tape to reach the lowest part of the room which is generally the coolest. And again for the cool head exhaust make sure the heat is being exhausted away from the intake side. This same setup works well with drool-air-cool reflector setups. All it needs is an additional exhaust fan added on the other side. Any additional tips or advice please let us know in the comment section down below. Fan filter setups are one of the most customizable ways of setting your grow tent so feel free to let us know your options or how you handle your setups. You can also watch the video on "Hydroponic Grow Tent Fan and Filter Setup Tutorial | Growtent Design | GrowAce" on our channel on YouTube - click here.

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