Before you start a hydroponic grow op, you should have some experience growing simple plants. When you shift to hydroponic growing, you’ll get way better yields than any other traditional growing methods. Another factor to take into account is that it shortens grow times from start to finish 10 fold. With the proper hydroponic supplies, you can focus on maximizing your operation output by taking advantage of all factors that ensure a maximum yield turn out (light, nutrients, CO2 ventilation, seeds). To view the differences first hand and decide for yourself which method is better for you, use both methods: hydroponic growing and soil growing. With hydroponics, you will save a lot of time, with regard to the grow cycle. Hydroponic growing takes fewer weeks than traditional soil growing and you'll be smoking buds sooner. The weed buds will also be bigger and juicier. If you start to flower the plant when it’s about 2 feet tall and again during the flowering cycle, it will grow twice as big. Four nice plants can get you a quarter pound of dried and cured bud. You’ll need to use good yielding strains and this means high-quality seeds. Hydroponic growing requires an inert growing medium to support the plant, offering protection to the roots from sunlight and to keeping the roots moist at all times. The most important thing to remember when using hydroponics: 1. Control and adjust the pH level so that it always stays within a 5.5 to 6.8 range. The optimum pH for hydroponic weed growing is 6.3 - 6.5. You should be aware that there is a natural tendency when using hydroponic supplies, for the pH levels to go up over time as plants use up the nutrients in the mix. So you have to watch the pH level and adjust it accordingly. You can find at any friendly hydroponic supplies store chemicals which come in dry powder or wet liquid forms for upping or downing the pH level. 2. Change the nutrients packed water and refresh it with fresh nutrients (properly mixed) for whatever stage your plants are in approximately every 10 days. 3. The root tissue should be maintained with the help of the nutrient solution at a minimum temp of 50 F at night and 70 F during the day (when lights are turned on). If you supply the correct lighting according to the plant's development stage and try to move air over the canopy to bring in fresh oxygen, you will ensure proper growth to your plants. You should stay away from buying CO2 bottles. Instead, you can buy Carbon in liquid form and apply it directly to the roots by carefully mixing the liquid CO2 into the hydroponic water. Start with a single net pod system from your online hydroponics supplies store to play around and grow with. Once you outgrow it, you'll know everything there is needed to know. Now you can choose from our complete grow packages kit and you should be able to plan for a larger kit to hold maybe 4-10 or more plants. If you lack imagination or you’re low on technical skills, go to the local hydroponic supplies store, dig into your pocket and buy a nice hydroponic kit.

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