Nutrients, Pt 4: Biological Inoculants

Nutrients work great on the surface, giving you seemingly great results. But you’ll want to preserve your plant’s life and promote their root growth to give you a healthy plant. Remember: a great yield can only come from a great root system and biological protection. Prozyme: ProZyme is a catalyst solution with 80 different enzymes to boost the rate of necessary chemical reactions in order to absorb nutrients in your plant. Without those enzymes, nutrient absorption is often slow and ineffective. Using so many different enzymes in ProZyme, your plant's abilities to perform the tasks necessary to effectively use nutrients will increase Humboldt Roots: People often forget that roots are the heart of the plant. Humboldt Roots is a root stimulator that increases the root area during the critical stages of the plant’s growth cycle. Remember: big yields depend on the plant's metabolism, and metabolic strength comes from the roots. Humboldt Roots is the best solution to get your plants ready to optimize nutrients and strengthen the roots of your plants. Mayan Microzyme: Mayan Microzyme nutrients are chock-full of micro-organisms that will help the life of your plant and the fruit it produces. Said micro-organisms have the power to mineralize nutrients to make them readily available for plant use, build helpful matter in your soil, and improve the fertility and harvest of your fruit. Myco Maximum: A powerful blend of mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial bacteria, and Trichoderma species, Myco Maximum is great for absorbing nutrients and recycling water from your existing grow. Myco Maximum expands the absorbable surface area of your plant's roots which will help your plants grow, flower and fruit to their full ability. Just add a little underneath the roots when you transplant or in your soil bed and your roots will take the nutrients you give it with ease. Myco Madness: Myco Madness does an amazing job of extending the roots of your plants in order to absorb and utilize fertilizers and nutrients. The performance of your plants will increase because the absorbable surface area will grow, so more water will be able to be taken in by the plant and nutrients will be more readily available. Made for most any type of hydroponic setups, Myco Madness will have your plants strong and healthy in no time. White Widow: Like a black widow, White Widow will protect the heart of your plant at any cost. A water-soluble powder, White Widow will greatly increase the speed of root growth and give you big, furry roots. Having those big roots makes contact with them and your nutrients easier, thus making your plants allot healthier. Keep an eye out on your plant above the soil, and White Widow will protect you below.

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