Think of nutrients the same way you think of food for yourself: there are some foods that are good for you, some that aren't so great, and lots of room for improvement. Supplements give you vitamins and minerals that you may not receive in your normal diet, and additives give you a boost to a healthy diet for maximum performance. This logic works the same for plants: you may be giving your plants the base nutrients they need but there may be some vitamins you're not giving them, and there's always room for improvement. Equilibrium Equilibrium: Equilibrium is designed to give your harvest beautiful scents and delicious tastes. Created with the perfect blend of Calcium and Magnesium (the two elements needed for boosting taste and aroma), Equilibrium gives your nutrient regimen what it needs to give you the highest grade yields. Hydro DeuceHydro Deuce: Rich with potassium, Hydro Deuce is best used in hydroponic systems. When used properly, Hydro Deuce will give you bigger yields and flavorful fruit in conjunction with the other nutrients introduced into your grow. DeuceDeuceDeuceDeuce: Made with the highest quality potassium ingredients, DeuceDeuce is designed to strengthen your plants. Adding DeuceDeuce to your nutrient cycle will help build protein in your plants, increase the ability to use carbohydrates and starches in the vascular system of the plant, and give your plant the overall health it expects. Mix this into your nutrient cycle and watch your roots grow and a strong, healthy yield when you harvest. FlavorFulFlavorFul: Created with a heavily concentrated mix of 8% refined Humic acid, FlavorFul is a blend of nutrients that enhance the cell walls in your plant’s root and leaves. The electrolytes that your grow will receive will optimize its health and promote lasting growth. Hum-BoltHum-Bolt: Hum-Bolt is a great additive for the health of your plants. Adding Hum-Bolt to your nutrient cycle will act as a springboard for plant enzyme stimulation and the increase of organisms that help the overall health of your plants. Structural Integrity Structural Integrity (SI): A great way of fertilization, Structural Integrity (SI) helps protect against molding, pests, and strengthens the plant’s roots, stems, and leaves. The high silica content strengthens the plant’s cell walls, so you will see health in your plants and an increase of light and nutrients it will be able to receive. pH Up & pH DownpH Up & pH Down: The pH level of your system can make or break the result of your grow. pH is the measurement of the acidity/alkalinity of a solution, and if it's not level your plants won't be able to fully absorb vital nutrients for growth (and can consequently have the ability to only absorb harmful elements of a solution).

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