Nutrients, Pt 2: Bloom Boosters and Sweeteners

Now that you've decided which base nutrients to put in your solution, let's talk about some extras. Adding Bloom Boosters into your nutrient regimen will increase the size of your flowers and flowering fruits, and Sweeteners will help you get the fragrant scent and delicious taste you're looking for. With the addition of these nutrients you'll get bigger, tastier yields than ever before!

Bloom Boosters- Bloom Boosters help promote flowering to give you bigger, better flowers and fruit. Add these nutrients to the end of your growing cycle to harvest the best fruit and vegetables you’ve ever eaten! Big Up and Ginormous Big Up Powder: All natural Big Up Powder is used in the first week and the final weeks of your plant’s blooming stage. The first dose of Powder you give your plants will kick-start the flowering process and give it an intense start to boost flowering. Toward the end of the cycle, the Powder will finish out the flowering stage with a bang, giving you stronger and bigger flowers and flavorful fruit. Ginormous: Free of any ingredients harmful to your grow, Ginormous nutrients are here to give you big flowers and sizeable fruit! Rich with calcium, Ginormous will help protect your plants from certain fungal ailments while giving you the big, beautiful flowers and delicious fruits and vegetables. HoneySweeteners- Add some sweeteners to your nutrient cycle and give your yield the great taste and fragrance you’ve been looking for! Humboldt Honey Hydro: Rich with beneficial sugars, Humboldt Honey Hydro helps the growth of helpful bacteria and fungi in your soil or hydroponic setup. Sugars are beneficial for plants to flourish when stressed and crucial when flowering and fruiting. Honey will be a sweet nutrient to add to your garden and you’ll taste it in your yield. Humboldt Honey ES: All natural Humboldt Honey ES is a powerful blend of the best sugars around. You’ll increase your sugar levels in your grow and have them flowing throughout your plant’s stems, roots, and fruit. When fruiting the plant pulls on the roots to charge their flowers, buds, and fruit but can leave the root stressed and withering. With Honey ES you’ll get all the results you want up top and still have the strength you need for future growing below.

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