Nutrients, Pt. 1: Base Nutrients

Basic gardening relies on 4 factors: light, air, soil, and water. Air can be regulated with duct fans and filters; grow light systems can be dimmed and moved closer or further away from the front of the plant to regulate how much light it receives; and water can be filtered through a machine to clean it out, like a water treatment system. But soil’s a little trickier to deal with. Soil from one’s backyard runs the risk of being infested with insects or germs that lead to the death of your grow. Soil from the store (even the best you can buy) can still be void of vital nutrients your plants need or lack that extra *oomph* you’d like out of your grow. In this case, a great solution would be to add nutrients into your grow to enhance your soil and boost the quality and size of your yield. We have a great selection of nutrients that help everything from strengthening roots to blooming, all the way to protecting your plants from disease and insect infestation. In this section, we will discuss the Humboldt line of Base Nutrients. Base nutrients are nutrients you’d want to give your plants at the beginning of their lives. Like a child, if you want your plants to grow up healthy and strong you’ll want to start them off right: Oneness and Micro Oneness: The powerful nutrients in the Oneness one-part nutrient solution beat the competition by leaps and bounds. This one solution prevents salt build-up in your grow and protects against a nutrient lockout. Oneness acts as food for your plants and maximizes the quality of your yield without the need to buy multiple bottles of different systems. Micro: This nutrient fits right in the middle of your plant’s nutrient plan with Grow and Bloom. Micro is used to optimize vegging and flowering for your plants, as well as help your roots promote overall health during your growing season. Bloom and Bloom NaturalBloom: The final piece in the Grow/Micro/Bloom trinity, Bloom is created with the perfect balance of phosphorus and potassium to promote growth, flowering, and fruiting in plants. Bloom is made to improve photosynthesis, metabolism, and genetics of your plants, which in turn gives you a bigger and better yield. Bloom Natural: A high-power blooming agent, Bloom Natural is a natural blend of soft rock phosphate and kelp used with Grow Natural and DeuceDeuce nutrients to give you a premium yield. This nutrient gives your plants a big boost of phosphorus and calcium needed in the flowering stage of your grow. It will trigger more flowering sites in your plants and promote an excellent flowering phase, getting you great flavor in your fruits as well as aromatic and bountiful flowers. Grow and Grow Natural Grow: Used with Micro and Bloom nutrients, Grow works on a cellular level to help fertilize your plants. Grow is created with elements that contain weak electrical bonds, which in turn makes more electrons available in the cells of the plant. The abundance of electrons allows the plant to absorb and take nutrients effectively and efficiently to give you the yield you desire. Grow Natural: Used with Bloom Natural and DeuceDeuce, Grow Natural is a superb nutrient that helps your plant reach its maximum potential. Made with natural ingredients from the ocean and sugar extracts, this nutrient can help aid in the growth and prosperity of vital fungi and bacteria in your grow and really get your plants off to an amazing start. Master A and BMaster A & B: This 2-part system is a great way to kick off your grow and keep your plants healthy. These nutrients are formulated to be at the base of your feeding regimen. This duo preps your plants to absorb vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and other elements that add to the prosperity of your garden.

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