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LED Grow Light Advanced Spectrum 400W Sun Series 4-Bar MainLED Grow Light Advanced Spectrum 400W Sun Series 4-Bar Overhead

When it comes to L.E.D. grow lights, Advance Spectrum LED's will give you all of the light your plants need without sacrificing any vital wavelengths of light necessary when growing. HPS and MH lights bombard your plants with wavelengths of light they'll end up wasting, but with Advance Spectrum LED's you'll give your plants the exact wavelengths of light they need to stimulate vegetative growth, flower production, and much more without wasting a single ray.

With an entire range of wattages and wavelengths, beginners and pro's alike can find the LED grow light perfect for their gardens. Growing herbs? The 15w Advance Spectrum All Blue LED is perfect for vegging small plants. Got a whole garden to grow from start to finish? Their S810 LED Grow Light will veg, flower, and harvest your entire grow room with an added bit of resin production, too.

Whether you're growing a single plant or a whole sea of green, Advance Spectrum LED grow lights will give you the harvest you're looking for. From LED bulbs to panels, UFO lights to high powered modular grow lights, you'll find the light you need for the yield you want.

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