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LTL CO2 Generator (Low Altitude)
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Controlling your garden’s environment is vital to any harvest, and no one knows about Environmental Controllers and regulators like GrowAce. Just like environmental conditions in nature, your grow room will go through fluctuations in temperature, humidity, and Co2 levels. But unlike nature, if you have the right controller you can keep your environment at the perfect level all the time- all you need is the right equipment.

When things are getting a little too hot in your grow the LTL Temp Day and Night controller will allow you to adjust the power and timing of your duct fans for use during the day and when your plants are in the dark. The LTL Digital temperature controller will turn on your cooling system on or control your heat mat temperature with the press of a button.

If your meters are telling you it’s time to adjust your humidity levels we’ve got you covered. With a wide selection of Eva-Dry Dehumidifiers, you can take the humidity out of your grow space with the touch of a button without the need for extra gasses or solvents needed to draw moisture in. When the air is too dry, we’ve also got Humidifiers that will give your garden the boost of moisture it needs. And if odor’s a problem, we’ve got Ozone Generators that will eliminate odor cells and allergens with a UV light that converts that smelly oxygen into Ozone.

And when you don’t have time to control everything manually, just connect your AC’s, humidifiers/dehumidifiers, fans, heaters, etc… to an iPonic Environmental controller and in seconds you can program your equipment to turn on and off when any levels are too high. Too humid? It’ll activate a dehumidifier until the optimum humidity level is reached. The temperature too hot in your grow? Just set the controller and whenever your temperatures drop your AC and fans will begin running to cool everything down. So when you need to control your grow room down to the very last degree, we’ve got what you need to do it.

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