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Climate Control EZ CO2 Homegrown CO2 front viewEZ Co2 Video
EZ CO2 Homegrown CO2
$45.95 25% Off
Climate Control EZ Co2 Homegrown co2 XL frontEZ Co2 Homegrown co2 XL
EZ Co2 Homegrown co2 XL
Sale price$44.95
Climate Control EZ Co2 Pad - 10 pad Pack close up EZ Co2 Pad - 10 pad Pack
EZ Co2 Pad - 10 pad Pack
Sale price$18.95

Scientifically engineered and tested to boost your yields, EZ-CO2 has revolutionized the industry with its line of carbon dioxide products. Widely accepted in traditional greenhouses and by expert botanists, CO2 is a naturally occurring compound molecule that accelerates photosynthesis. The result is a plant that is well fed and is able to convert sugars and essential materials into growth and nutrition.

Featuring a line of CO2 bags, EZ-CO2 has made it easier than ever to provide this crucial photosynthesis process to your grow room. In fact, all you need to do is put the EZ-CO2 bags slightly above your plants and reap all the benefits of this amazing product. If you prefer to grow in a propagation tray, fear not as EZ-CO2 has you covered. With the EZ-CO2 Pads, just wrap the plant in the pad, spray with water and watch your roots grow like never before. From seeds to clones and even full plant grows, amateur and expert growers are sure to benefit from CO2. So, make life easy and experience greater yields with EZ-CO2 today.

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