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Fluorescent Grow Lights

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products
LuxStar 2ft. 4 Tube Fluorescent Grow Light Kit (Grow Blub) light and boxLuxStar 2ft. 4 Tube Fluorescent Grow Light Kit (Grow Blub) side profile
Grow Lights Agrobrite T5 48W 2' 2-Tube Fixture with Lamps sideGrow Lights Agrobrite T5 48W 2' 2-Tube Fixture with Lamps
Grow Lights Dual Lamp T5 Fluorescent Grow Light bottom
At GrowAce, we know the power of Fluorescent T5 Grow Lights better than anyone. Those tubes aren’t just used to light up your office- not by a long shot. The shy’s the limit with T5’s, and we’ll be here with you every step of the way to see your plants get as big as you need them.

If you only need a limited amount of light for a smaller grow area, these fluorescent lights come in four bulb options to give you a light coverage of around 2x4 ft. Need some more light coverage? No problem, because we’ve also got eight bulb fixtures that give you a 4x4 ft. coverage area and bigger. If you need even more light coverage, you’re in luck. Most of these lights can be daisy-chained together to cover a large grow tent, a grow room, a greenhouse- heck, even an entire warehouse if you wanted!

These lights can be used for virtually any type of plant in most any type of grow medium. Got come clones growing in starter cells? We’ve got Grow bulbs with intense blue spectrum to stimulate vegetative growth in seedlings, clones, sprouts, even chili’s and herbs. If you’ve got flowering plants (like flowers, fruits, and young trees), there are plenty of T5’s with that warm, orange glow that has an abundance of the red spectrum budding flowers can’t get enough of.

With the leading names in the fluorescent game, the LuxStar and Lightech grow lights we offer are great for any grower, any stage, and most any plant. Don’t think of T5’s as those lights you used to stare up at in school, but as the lights that will kick your grow back in to shape. Treat your garden right and give them the soft fluorescent light you and your plants have been looking for.

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