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Nutrients GH FloraSeries Performance Pack in box

General Hydroponics created an entire line of plant nutrients designed to give your indoor garden every bit of nutrition it needs for the huge yields you want. From their Flora Series line to their calibration solutions, General Hydroponics has what your plants need to grow strong branches, healthy foliage, and bountiful harvests.

First formulated in 1976, their Flora Series of nutrients is the original three-part hydroponic-based plant-feeding system. Thanks to its ingredients, consistent performance, and unparalleled results, it's one of the most used nutrient solutions around. Whether your plants need lots of leaves, fat fruit, or huge networks of roots, General Hydroponics has a solution designed to optimize all stages of growth.

Don’t be fooled by the name: General Hydroponics nutrients can be used in hydroponic grow tents, soil-based grow rooms, and even coco-based greenhouse setups. Just use FloraGro for strong root zones when vegging, FloraMicro while your plants grow bigger and bloom, and FloraBloom to keep flowers and fruit flourishing until harvest- and that’s only 3 out of hundreds of solutions they offer. So no matter what medium or grow light you’re using, when your plants need solid nutrition to grow, General Hydroponics has the food to give you the harvests you’ve been after.

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