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LighTech 4ft 4 Bulb T5 Fluorescent Light (Grow Bulbs) bottom viewLighTech 4ft 4 Bulb T5 Fluorescent Light (Grow Bulbs) side profile

When it comes to T5 grow lights, LighTech knows you’ll need a T5 fluorescent grow light capable of high output not just in the vegging stage, but through harvest, too. Available in 6500k (vegging) and 3000k (flowering) color temperatures, LighTech has what you need to get the yields you want without the heat or ultra-intensity other grow lights give you.

Most fluorescent lighting isn’t made for indoor growing, despite T5 bulb technology advancing in recent years. However, LighTech T5 grow light systems have T5 HO (high output) bulbs that give your plants strong doses of the wavelengths they need for maximum growth. That power, though, is not so intense that it will fry your plants while growing like strong metal halide or LED grow lights.

These lights come in sizes any indoor gardener will love. If you’re using a smaller grow tent, the LighTech 4ft 4 Bulb T5 Fluorescent Light will cover 1-2 plants without skipping a beat. For larger grow rooms, the LighTech 4ft 8 Bulb T5 Fluorescent Light can grow 3-4 plants with no problems. When it’s time to switch the type of light you’re using, LighTech T5’s offer the perfect balance of soft and powerful lighting all in one T5 fixture.

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