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10 Pot Hydroponic VersaGrow Drip System side profile10 Pot Hydroponic VersaGrow Drip System pots and container

If you're looking for a hydroponic system that's easy to use and compatible with any grow light and growing environment, VersaGrow has the hydro systems you've been looking for.

Designed as primarily hydroponic drip systems, VersaGrow systems are hands down some of the most versatile systems around. The VersaGrow 10 Pot Hydroponic Drip System, for example, comes with 10x 1 gallon buckets that're compatible with any medium you can think of, from soil to coco to perlite. It also comes with a huge basin that's not only compatible with the included drip setup, but can be converted into an ebb & flow, deep water culture (DWC), or aeroponic system with minimal effort.

VersaGrow hydroponic setups can be used in grow rooms of nearly any size and are designed to grow up to 10 plants all in one system. Of course, if you'd like to grow less, these hydro systems will make sure each plant gets the nutrients they need. So if you've got limited space or if you just want a simple, effective way to grow your plants, VersaGrow hydroponic systems will make sure your plants give you the harvest you're looking for.

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