AirCube Active Oxygen 6 Site Grow Cubes


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The AirCube airflow is a 6 bucket expansion kit designed to work with the AirCube Advance Brain Controller and PopTank Ultra Heavy Duty Collapsible Reservoir.  The one and only bucket system with proprietary fabric pot inserts, which is the only way to air prune your roots, resulting in a massive root system.  These are the largest buckets in its class, at 5 gallons each! These buckets are also the most versatile buckets in the industry, allowing you to use any grow medium you wish, including soil, clay pebbles, and even coco air.

Bucket System Features:

  • 6 x 5-Gallon Active Oxygen Grow Buckets per set
  • Proprietary Air Pruning fabric pots combined with raised bucket floor. 
  • All Fitting and connectors included
  • 20 ft of 3/4" tubing included
  • Use with any grow medium


  • SKU/Model No.: CU-AC-6SITE
  • 5 Gallon active oxygen grow buckets (6)
  • Air pruning fabric pots (6)
  • ¾’’ rubber grommets (6)
  • ¾’’ T connectors (6)
  • ¾’’ elbow connectors
  • 25’ length tubing

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Marc Hinojos
Really nice set up!

I have looked in to multiple ebb and flow systems. This set looked more durable than others I have used and seen. I love the fabric pot. It allows you to use coco and not wash it back into the rez. I will purchase another setup for another tent with the brain.

Tri State Exotics
Awesome system!!

Love this system so much!! Able to hook it all up and go for two weeks without touching anything!! Check out my YouTube channel for an up close n personal with this system!! YouTube video placeholder
Knowyuhgrow Inc.
Game changer

Amazing system easy to setup and use. I have to say I was surprised with the quality and design of the air cube grow system I would recommend it to new and experience growers.

Joshua Hall
I love this system

I haven't had a single leak or issues so far. I'm 4 weeks into my grow and they're loving it

Great Product!!

Perfect setup for those looking to automate most things, this is for you. HUGE root balls!

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