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Led Grow Light Scynceled Raging Kush 2.0 MainLed Grow Light Scynceled Raging Kush 2.0 Main
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Scynceled 650W Raging Kush 2.0 LED Grow Light
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LED Grow Light Dragon Alpha - mainLED Grow Light Dragon Alpha - main
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Scynce LED Dragon Alpha LED Grow Light
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The team at Scynce (sci-ence) has developed a new breed of indoor and greenhouse lighting that is challenging the status quo. Our focus is on better yields instead of only on power savings. With over two decades of automobile, marine, military, architectural and theatrical LED experience, we are excited to share with you the next generation of horticulture lighting solutions.

With the rapid & inevitable decriminalization of cannabis throughout North America, new grid-burdening cultivations are coming online every day. Regulators have already begun initiating and tightening efficiency standards, cementing the inevitable move to LED for commercial operations. This comes at a unique nexus where LED technology has come far enough along to directly compete with traditional “tried and true” lighting solutions…at least in terms of delivering proper light energy across the top surface of a grow canopy and producing similar results for flowering.

We believe the next evolution in LED grow lights will be the utilization of optical technologies. These optics will focus and extend light energy down through the entire growing area, promoting healthy growth from roots to canopy.

This breakthrough combined with tunable spectrums, energy savings and a reduction in heat abatement will finally bring about the forthcoming LED revolution in horticulture.

Scynce (sci-ence) has spent over 3 years under heavy R&D developing and securing patents around multiple optical (lens) solutions, smart power and wireless digital spectrum tunability. Officially launched to market in 2018 and led by a team who previously disrupted a related LED market segment, Scynce is uniquely positioned to become the commercial grow light leader over the next 5 years.