Reservoirs & Trays

From clones to full grown trees, all good growers know how important it is to keep a good source of water running through their grow. You better believe that when it comes to keeping your plants fed GrowAce has what you need to hold all of your nutrient rich water securely.

For spouts, saplings, and clones you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Yield Lab Propagation Trays and Domes will keep your growing plants nice and humid. But don’t worry, these trays have drainage slots to ensure water flow to prevent mold or mildew buildup. Then you just open the top pots of the dome to let in air, and in a few weeks those plants will be ready to transplant in to a larger system, either hydroponic or soil.

When you’re moving those plants in to a hydroponic or aeroponic system you’re going to need plenty of water to feed those growing plants. We carry Reservoirs that hold as little as 30 gallons for all those personal growers, and tanks as large as 350 gallons for industrial growers and co-op farms. If you have hydroponic grow buckets, just connect your hoses in to a reservoir, connect a pump in their for water and air flow, and let the system run. For aeroponic grows, all you have to do is set your plants above your misters and you’ll be able to house as much nutrient-rich water as you need to.

One of the most important aspects of your garden is how you feed your garden. Whether you’re growing your room or you need to feed rows of hungry plants, we’ll set you up with a reservoir as large as you need. From clones all the way to mature plants, your garden depends on the water it drinks, so make sure it has plenty of water to do so.


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