Plastic Pots

The great thing about our selection of Plastic Grow Pots is their multiple uses, and we at GrowAce are here to help you get the most out of them. Whether you need something with tons of room, or you’re looking for something small because you don’t have lots of space, we’ve got Plastic Pots in nearly any size to give your plants the space their roots need to grow.

As small as 1 gal, these plastic pots can be small enough to grow a ton of chili’s, herbs, and smaller vegetable plants that take little to no maintenance while growing or starting out plants. When your plants are ready to transplant in to a larger growing space, just move them over to a 3 gal or 5 gal pot, and keep on growing

For outdoor growers, or growers looking to start larger trees and bushes, we also offer 45 and 65 gallon pots you can will with soil, start your new plants, and keep them growing for years to come.

One of the greatest features growers love about these pots are the draining ports at the bottom of them. If you use them outside you can either plant them and water them, or leave the pot and plant above ground, and the water you feed it will drain in to the soil around the plant. If you’re more interested in keeping your plants indoors, all you need is a tray to catch the run off water and keep it moving.

Of course, all of our pots can fit the grow lids we also offer. That’s right: you can cover these pots while still letting your plants have all the water the need. How? These Black and White covers open up to fit around any branch, are white on their face to help reflect light on to your plant, and black to help reduce fungal growth.

No matter your need for them, Plastic Pots are essential when growing with soil. When you’re ready to get your hands dirty in soil, we’re here to get you ready for big harvests.

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