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6 inch Duct Muffler
david tidwell

Have not set up yet just getting everything I need I’m sure it all will be great thanks DT.

Good fan

Good plan and good service would recommend

good price

good price

Great EBB

This system is awesome with easy setup and does as advertized

Great magnifying glass

This is great to help decide when to harvest. And it's also good to get up close to check on any problems.

Great scale

It goes from 1gram to a pound under 3 seconds

Runs hot

They run pretty hot I’m gunna need to get AC system as well

Tank Galore!

Excellent tank with durable construction. I love it!

Great fan

Like to order two more

Great service and great product

I like the way it takes care of its self

I need to order new pumps. Can’t trust them. One already stop on me but I got it to work again. I need to order two.

Monkey Fan Oscillating - 20W

Help picking the right lights for my hydroponic set up

So my experience with costumer service today was awesome 👌 and very helpful my questions were answered right away buy a real person who was very nice and pointed me in the right direction thank u so much eve and growace

Added light

I had enough room to add this light in my 2x4 grow tent, the plants love it, no more trying to get all 4 into the light

Ace for Growace!

I purchased the Ebb and Flow system and it functions flawlessly ! I’m very pleased now I need to grow something right away!

4' Bamboo Stakes (500/bale)

Professional Setup

I’m thrilled with this setup. It’s exactly what I needed for my 48x48x80 tent. I have five plants and about 10 clones under the bulb and they are absolutely green.

Worked like a charm from the get go. Simple setup. I have exhaust fan coming out of the hood and a separate exhaust fan going out another port. This keeps the temp at 70-72 degrees here in May. Perfect. The plants obviously prefer this lamp as opposed to an LED and the energy is actually less. The price is right on the money.

This is a win win deal.

Thanks Grow Ace.

i will buy here more

Yield Lab 400w HPS Wing Reflector Digital Grow Light Kit

Mars Hydro 300W TSL 2000 LED Grow Light

Aircube active oxygen 6

Once you figure out how it goes together it is easy to get it set up.I’m just starting to use it so I will give another review once it’s all up and going.very nicely made.definitely already thinking about another one

Growers choice ROI-E680S

Very happy with this light

As advertised

Just as they said they would be

Nice little light for hanging vertical.

Nice little light for hanging vertical.

Soft Mesh Trellis Netting?