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Cool Vision

Nice custom-like fit on me!

I can go further when I actually unbox and use the system. I am early in vegetative and am building on a flower room now… it’ll be great!
I’ll send photos and give another review when I get to that stage.

Doesn’t come with ANY of the adapters you need or suction cups to mount it.

I was sent a used unit instead of a new one. Fought with the company and got nowhere with it. Wanted me to pay a ton to ship it back. The drain pump was broken when I got it in. It also didn’t come with any adapters for that pump. So I ordered a brand new pump assuming everything needed for the pump is in there, and NOTHING was. I can’t find the adapter I need to combine the pump with the waterline. I’ve spent over $700 and it won’t work right bc of a tiny plastic piece that you don’t even sell anywhere on your site. Everything with this company has been annoying and crappy.

Hi Robert,

We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you experienced with your recent order

We take all feedback very seriously and will handle yours with the utmost consideration. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience, and we would love to have the opportunity to make things right.

After further investigation, we have identified the cause of the issue and we have shipped all brand-new units. Our support team will be with you throughout the process to resolve your concerns and ensure your satisfaction. Please continue to contact our customer service team at 1-888-621-0062 to resolve any issue.

awesome setup

it is so easy to setup , best system out there I think, super easy to setup and use... YouTube video placeholder
awesome setup

This is so simple and easy to setup and use, its amazing.. YouTube video placeholder
awesome setup

this is an awesome setup, real easy to get it all setup and running,,highly impressed and recommend... YouTube video placeholder
Good product

Hmm product is as it is described, very good quality.

The best!!!

I love everything about it but I wish I had gone with the bigger reservoir

Still waiting for my refund after 25 days

After 25 days Im still waiting for my refund for a bulb that was shipped to me cracked and broken. They told me they were filing an insurance claim with the shipping company. Doesn't make sense why I’m the one getting screwed when they are the ones with the insurance. I still haven’t received my money and who knows if I ever will. Im never ordering anything from this site again.

Hi Brandon,

Thank you for your feedback. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused. We understand how frustrating this must be.

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services.

Upon further review, our support team has been with you throughout the process in providing you an update, please continue to communicate with them or please contact our customer service team at 1.888.621.0062 we would love the opportunity to resolve your issue.

Autopilot Px2

Best price on the internet controller works great a must have for photobio lights can dial wattage in 1% increments instead of being stuck with what the dial offers.

Great Tent!

I am using this tent as an incubation chamber to grow mushrooms. So far it has given great results. I would have liked it to have tighter and smaller zippers to keep it as sealed as possible.
I recommend this grow tent to anyone; especially for mushroom incubation.

Thank you GrowAce for selling this tent with the dimensions I needed!

Kind Regards,
Jose Done Beato

Can’t get much easier than this.

Beautiful system, hands down the most convenient and hands off grow I’ve ever had. Also grown with Lotus Nutrients. With the best nutes you can grow some big flavorful fruits. Best nutrients hands down! Grow Ace sponsor me man, we can talk business.

One of the best

Bought them 3 years ago, they are still going strong and glad I made the investment to get top quality LED lights over my 1000W HPS. Don't need all the bars in to work either, I germinate with 2 bars, veg with 4 bars and flower with the 6.

Air cube active oxygen

I’m totally loving the system it’s only been 2 weeks and my plants are thriving so nice really nice growth for 2 weeks I’m very pleased

Powerful for 2x2.5 tent

Nice and bright. Set up on gorilla 2x2.5 with 4 inch ventilation. Living soil raised bed. Seeds love it so far super fast growth. Wish it came with the remote mount driver wire tho and ratchet straps to hang. Definitely recommend those items that are not included. Dimmer works well. I think the chill led( 200 watt)would be a better option than this because it comes with the remote mount driver and ratchet straps as well as a higher ppfd vale concentrated on the canopy although this fixture is very evenly distributed as far as ppfd in a 2x2.5

Better buckets

I was designing buckets to avoid root rot, when I saw these, I threw away my plans, this is everything I wanted, and more. I look forward to seeing the results.

400 watt grow

The bulb and system work, had it on and am pleased with my purchase.

AirCube Growace

Just getting started hope everything goes swell

Products 5 s.

I love it !!! Will be getting another controller for my other tent! What totally sucked though was FedEx's shipping and tracking,less than one star for them!!! First email said delivery in a week,same day second email said the next day....🤔 It was still in Cali??? Same day 3rd email delivery next week again. Wednesday was the delivery day
So I made sure I could be off to sign for it. Monday's email said it was early,be here I swapped days off. Tuesday about noon another email...oh,it will be here Wednesday again.😤😤🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Lesson learned... DON'T GET INSURED SHIPPING if you can't have someone home to sign for the package that has nothing better to do than sit around,do nothing for lord knows how many days!!
I have no issues with GrowAce in any way, other than being on the other side of the country. But that's not their fault!

Love getting the filter out of the tent!

Can't wait to install the second one in the 4x4. Having the carbon filter outside of the tent frees up so much ceiling space for the lights. I have the ducting running behind the tent and venting outside.

Pump/aerator review.

Great product, works as advertized, came two days early, I would suggest getting one to anyone!

Triple X open hood de

Packaged well and discreetly no damage quality reflector

Photontek 300W Pro LED

Lights been nothing but fantastic I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Plus it’s compatible with the controller 69 with a TJ-11 adapter with more dimming options.

Growace for the amount of times you emailed me to review this light before I could even get it hung up you should sponsor me already.

In all seriousness Growace is great and fast shipping. Quit using Amazon and support the industry. Growace always has the best pricing.

About Time

About time some one designed a compact ebb and flow system. Perfect start!!!