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Great system

This system is the ultimate bucket system for ebb and flow!

Awesome setup everything you need to get started don’t hesitate to buy it if your thinking about getting started 🤙

easy to install

The package arrived early and was not damage. The grow light was all Intak and easy to set up and was a great price

Lotus Nutrients

They are Awsome 👍👍 two thumbs up , only reason is that all I have is two lol 👍👍 but seriously I’ve used them all and they just work and the plants love them just as i . Thank you Grow Ace 👍👍 pic is week 6 from a seed


Everything was great from order to delivery.
Used this to kill/control powdery mold. This product was the only thing that saved my plants.


That stuff looks real good, you can't beat coco coir/perlite, haven't tried this yet,but will do so,the shit I get is made in India,🤔😯very fine
Just can't find it on internet,like it don't even exist, I like to read about the shit I buy for my plants

Safe bulb

This bulb works perfect for my needs. It allows me to do any work necessary without worry. Would definitely buy again. Fast shipping too. Thank you.

Lightech T5 Strip for terrariums

I set up my T5 lights just a couple of weeks ago, and already some of my terrariums have shown increased greenery and growth. I was having trouble placing a terrarium with lots of moss in a window that would get good sun but wouldn't get too hot. Now, the moss gets plenty of light and can stay cool at my home's room temperature and a lot of the brown areas have recovered with bright new green growth.

The perfect grow Hood ballast and bulbs very good setup gives you everything you need

You can't beat the deal very good setup with a power volume knob to adjust what power you would like to use

no cords

I wish cords for 240 volt were supplied or at least available to use. I have not used the light because I am still trying to round up & put together cords to be able to run on 240 volts

great product!!!

love it easy to put up and take down i personally wish they made the res in white as i have very high intensity lights and black absorbs heat and light sooo maybe a white res please!

Advance spectrum 680 w sun series model E 6-bar full spectrum LED Grow Light

It’s Awsome 4 different settings summer time right now it’s on 280 because of the heat but 2 of these lights in a 4 by 8 by 61/2 tent it’s plenty for veg and flower I’m plenty satisfied thank you growace 👍👍👍

Hydro with SOIL?!

Bought this product because it was the only I'd heard of that boasted being a hydroponic system that had the option of using soil.
I was skeptical y'all, really was.
But, with a super soil mix and using a blend of salts and organics, this thing, at least so far, is amazing! Yes, you can actually use soil!
I'm a seed to soil guy, have been all my life for the past 17 years. Can't beat the taste is all I'm saying. The comfort and ease of hydro coupled with the option of a soil medium is a total game changer.
System was easy enough to to set up. Easier than tents are anyway lol, and so far I've had no leaks, clogs, ect. Clogging was my #1 fear, but the fabric pots hold it in nice and tidy.
(If using soil, don't flood it. Keep the soil particles in the fabric pot and you'll be fine.)
Only thing is I wish it had a daily/weekly timer. If you're using soil, esp in veg/early flower, you really only need to water once every few days. Only in late flower do you gotta water daily. Still, amazing product and well worth the skrill.
Haven't completed a full run yet, so remind me in a year or so for a follow up review focusing on the longevity of the product, ect.

EDIT: 2 runs in and I LOVE IT. don't hesitate on this one!

It’s better than my led skylight 3

It’s awesome plus I don’t pay for electricity


It was easy to get a replacement. It came in a reasonable amount of time as well. I recommend.

Lights are awesome

Work light a champ

Great quality products and price!

Growace had the best price of any store or site. Premium products!

Grow Ace grow tent

The tent works great for what I bought it for 👍only wish it would of been bigger lol . The only thing that’s wrong with it like I stated in the previous review the stitching came loose witch made the zipper fail I sent pics to you all last week

Holding up well

Thick and durable. I recommend it.

Excellent Buy

I’ve only been using the system with AirCube Advanced Brain Controller Module for a few weeks and I think it handles its job well. Could not be more pleased. The staff at Growace was friendly and knowledgeable and beyond helpful when I called with question. I will continue to do business with Growace.

Bamboo stakes

Just what we needed. Fine quality. They are nice and tall for our gardens.

Quality product

Well built


Quiet and helps with the odor.

Wish I would have bought bigger 3 plants and I don’t have any where enough room but that being said it’s every thing you guys say it will be . Thanks

PH Down

I have purchased products from grow ace several times and they always do a great job with fast delivery and good products